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About Us

Our Weddings are done the Cowboy way. With simple but straight forward values. We guarantee your guests will not have seen a ceremony like yours before. We love what we do and enjoy customizing your ceremony just for you. We work with you to design a cowboy brand which becomes your wedding logo and can be used on your website, napkins, invites etc. It becomes your theme if you wish. We forge a real branding iron and during the marriage ceremony we break and pay tribute to anyone special in your life. The story of you is told and how you got here today. Its an inclusive beautiful way to say thank you to those that "brung ya" to the dance. Together we take the iron and brand the leather attached to pieces of barn-wood. Sizzle, smoke and fire fill the air and from then on the couple will "ride for their very own brand." There is more...... but know this; its as fun and creative as it is individualized and emotional, all surrounded with honor and promise, gratitude and love. Its just the Cowboy Way.

Its different, not new or the latest thing, but its a reminder of what life is all about. The simplicity and the inclusion of family has in the previous ceremonies healed many bygones and marked the day for family togetherness. Nothing could make me happier than bringing the best out of folks who love one another.


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