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  • Wedding Officiant

  • Unity Branding Ceremony
    Use your brand as a custom logo or watermark on your invitations, website, photo booth, napkins, decorations, and more. We help you make it yours but you get to keep the branding iron and the hand pressed logo.

  • Cowboy Games
    - Cowboy games get your guests involved in a unique and fun way and it is not the typical type of party game you might see at just any wedding, However a country style wedding has to of course feature country style cowboy and cowgirl games to engage guests the entire time.

  • Cowboy Posse
    - A cowboy posse can also be present the day of your wedding to have fun and call out any guest who might object. The posse would come dressed in full cowboy attire and have the ability to great, usher, steal gifts, and provide entertainment for the kids at the time of your wedding.

  • Wedding Photographer/ Videographer
    - Photographer and/or Videographer can be provided by your request.
    - Our photographers and videographers take booked events seriously and can provide satisfactory work on your special day.

  • Wedding Coordinator
    - Cowboy Bob can help you plan your special day from all the finite details to make sure your wedding has right country style feeling that you would see in the Wild Wild West when cowboys ruled the streets and the saloons.

  • Venue Location Experts

  • Ranch Style Catering

  • Late Night Snacks

  • Country Western Band

  • Bartenders

  • Photo Booth

We'll help you design your custom unity brand​

Use your unique brand​ as a logo or watermark on your invitations, website, photo booth, napkins,

decorations, and more. You keep the branding and logo.

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